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Our Mission

Maximize profits and minimize waste with our data-driven trucking solution. Our platform provides actionable insights and eliminates the need for manual data management, saving you time and increasing your decision-making accuracy.


Our Story

Our company was founded in 2022 with the goal of revolutionizing the transportation industry through world-class automation. Our founders, with extensive experience in the trucking industry, noticed a common trend among small to medium-sized trucking companies: lack of reconciliation, manual processes, missed opportunities, and fragmented data.


To address these challenges, our team created a comprehensive transportation management system with automated workflows and actionable insights for business decision-making.


We aim to streamline every aspect of the trucking business with our workforce automation solution.

Experienced Leadership

Our team brings a wealth of experience in trucking with a combined 35 years in the industry.


Our founders have firsthand knowledge of the trucking industry and startup world, and have used that knowledge to create a product-focused solution to address common problems.


Our extensive network of partners ensures that we are connected to all sides of the industry.

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