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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Our Transport Management System helps carriers save time and money by improving productivity, efficiency, and reducing downtime, ultimately leading to increased success.

Data Analytics as-a-service

Our Next Generation Cloud SaaS solutions provide seamless access from anywhere, offering customizable dashboards and regular actionable insights. We also offer expert data analysis consultancy services, warehousing databases and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Financial Automation ( Soon to be released)

Our financial automation solution for trucking companies offers comprehensive visibility into key business and truck data from finance perspective, seamlessly integrating previously fragmented information via Quickbooks, Bank accounts, Excell Spreadsheets and TMS data. 


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our platform integrates with various existing systems used by carriers, presenting a unified dashboard for streamlined decision making.


Our data warehouse extracts relevant information and seamlessly connects with your Transport Management System, offering a seamless experience.

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