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Say goodbye to spreadsheets and switch
to a TMS that offers trucking templates

Spreadsheets are great when it comes to entering data, but not for tackling business problems in real time. Entering data into a free TMS template offered by various websites and adjusted by your team is easy and convenient, but why limit yourself when you have endless possibilities with Datatruck?

Should you stick to spreadsheets and their limited features or opt for a smart and simple TMS that offers trucking templates that match your business requirements? Spreadsheets are straightforward, but they aren't helpful when it comes to maintaining strong relationships and automating daily repetitive tasks.

The free Google Spreadsheet templates you have created may be just enough, but as your business grows, you'll encounter obvious problems and functional limitations. Datatruck enables you to do much more than just enter data; you can access numerous trucking sections customized for various types of departments, cases and freight industry to get a running start.

How are spreadsheets killing your team's productivity?

No quote-to-cash load visibility

With spreadsheets, it's hard for dispatch or accounting team to get a clear idea of how many loads they're currently working on and which stage of the pipeline a deal is currently in. Without real-time updates and visual representations of your operations, loads and payments are going to slip through the cracks.

Endless manual data entry

With spreadsheets, the struggle is real when it comes to entering records manually. There are always going to be instances where you need to bulk-edit a set of records (like adding a tag or updating a field)—something that just isn't possible with spreadsheets.

Poor data organization

Yes, spreadsheets can store data, but that data is seldom organized efficiently. There's no way to establish a relational hierarchy of records within your system, which makes it difficult and time-consuming to access information.


In the age of a GDPR-compliant and privacy-first business culture, you simply cannot leave crucial customer data vulnerable in spreadsheets to be copied and exported by anyone with access.

No way to prevent duplicate entries

If you email or call the same load customer/broker twice, your reputation is sure to take a hit. And if you decide to stick with spreadsheets, you're also going to generate a substantial amount of duplicate entries.

Reasons why people moved away from spreadsheets:


Killed my productivity


Error-phone data


Poor pipeline visibility


Too much manual data entry

All these stats point to one thing: Spreadsheets are ineffective for small trucking businesses who actually want to excel. They deserve a better solution to help them do their jobs.

Choose your customizable template in Datatruck and grow your trucking business at the same time

Every business is different and has different needs. In a free Google Spreadsheet template, there's no option to choose a free template that best suits your business. In Datatruck, you can choose whichever pre-built customizations that best suit your business, and all it takes is 30 minutes to get started. There's no need to download TMS when Datatruck can help you be more successful and productive.

Manually entering data can be a drain on your team's productivity and result in lack of efficiency and an increased risk of errors. As a small to medium truck business owner, your spreadsheets can only help you with storing data, whereas Datatruck offers much more.

Daily dashboard.png

Distinct workflows for different

You cannot do much with spreadsheets when it comes to managing both your load data and your team. With Datatruck, you can even create distinct views for each team in your organization—for example, one section for your sales team, one for your update, one for your accounting, another for your fleet and safety teams, and more. Streamline all your operations in one Datatruck account effortlessly.

Forget complex functions;
visualize data with quick charts

Datatruck's easy-to-create charts and KPIs help you derive actionable insights from your data. You don't need to remember complex functions in order to view your sales metrics in a visually
informative way.

Instant communication without
opening another application

With a solution like Datatruck, you don't need to have separate apps to send emails, call customers, or reply to prospects via social media. You can achieve all of that from a single place—unlike spreadsheets, which require that you toggle between multiple applications to do even the most basic sales activities.

Set up a working TMS
solution in minutes

Early adopters praise Datatruck for its minimal learning curve and
easy-to-understand user interface. All you need to do is to import your spreadsheets and start using the product right away in under 30 minutes.

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