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Datatruck New Releases 06/27/2023

We are thrilled to announce the latest releases from #Datatruck on 06/27/2023. Our weekly feature updates continue to enhance our platform, making it better with each passing week. Here's a quick overview:

Datatruck New Releases 06/27/2023

# Datatruck New Releases 06/27/2023

1. **TruckGPT 2.0 is introduced**

Now, it is even more advanced and it can read unreadable rate confirmations. Not only that, now bills, invoices, driver licenses and truck registration can also be read

2. **New Run Payroll program**

You can create payroll for your drivers with one click and much more advanced features

3. **Customer feedback**
- Minor invoice batch updates
- We added bulk merge or bulk download function inside the load documents
- several PODs are merged when uploaded via short link

4. **Minor bugs**
- Truck owner statement bills, we added edit and delete buttons and export pdf without trips is working now
- Datepicker dates bug fixed
- Split trip bugs fixed
- Archive bug fixed
- TONU validation bug fixed
- Driver statement bug

5. **General chat is working properly**

Write to your staff or drivers via our general chat functionality

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