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Navigating Efficiency: The Top 10 Next-Gen Transportation Management Systems (TMS) in the USA

In the fast-paced world of logistics and trucking, staying ahead requires the right tools. Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have become the backbone of efficient supply chain operations, offering a centralized platform for managing and optimizing transportation activities.

So what is TMS first of all? A Transportation Management System (TMS) is software that tracks the entire journey of goods, from planning and execution to tracking and settlement. The generation of TMS matters because newer versions bring improved features. Staying updated ensures businesses benefit from the latest advancements in transportation management.

Historically, TMS came in the 1970s with legacy providers such as  E2Open, Descartes and Mercury Gate. Later SAP and Oracle also joined. But recently the trucking industry experienced a hike in next generation TMS to address pain points. Here's a rundown of the top 10 next gen TMS providers making waves in the USA for small to medium trucking companies.

1. Rose Rocket

Rose Rocket is a transportation management system (TMS) provider. Rose Rocket TMS is a software platform designed to assist in the management and optimization of transportation and logistics operations. It helps companies streamline their supply chain processes, from order creation and planning to execution and settlement.

Rose Rocket TMS typically offers features such as order management, route optimization, carrier management, real-time tracking, and reporting tools. It aims to enhance visibility, efficiency, and collaboration within the transportation and logistics ecosystem. It is multi stakeholder TMS meaning shippers, brokers, and carriers can use the software.

2.  Datatruck

Datatruck TMS is workforce automation platform for trucking companies with a focus on actionable data insights for business owners. It has TruckGPT AI features which reads different documents and automates manual workflows. Also, it has data analytics services based on the data warehouse of the truck carriers. It has everything from planning the route to net profit calculation per truck and daily analysis of the company performance. Financial planning, data analytics, manual work automation, data consolidation and collaboration are the main value propositions of this TMS.

It helps for each department of the truck companies from safety till back office team and solves automation processes via its financial and operational data integration. Datatruck is mostly suited for carriers and is not a multi stakeholder TMS.

3. Loadsmart

Kamion, now known as Loadsmart Carrier TMS, was acquired in November 2021. The aim was to leverage Kamion's carrier network with the Loadsmart platform. This move is a step closer to eliminating the barriers between shippers and carriers, enabling freight to move in the most efficient, transparent, and automated manner.

4. Mastery

MasterMind, a comprehensive cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS), is designed to assist large shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers in managing complex transportation needs. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, MasterMind consolidates all necessary tools into a single system. Additionally, it provides API connections for seamless integration with your other systems, data warehouse, and external applications.

5. EzyLoad

EzyLoad, an integrated transportation management system (TMS), is designed to assist small truck carriers in saving both time and money. It features a user-friendly interface that facilitates booking of loads, managing dispatches, generating invoices, paying drivers, and tracking loads from anywhere.

6. Turvo TMS

Turvo employs a comprehensive approach to supply chain management, offering communication and analytics solutions for freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and carriers.

Providing a SaaS cloud transportation management software, Turvo includes a unique collaboration layer that unites people, processes, and data. This layer connects all stakeholders in every transaction along the supply chain. It allows for easy integration of WMS, TMS, ERP, load boards, freight rates, and other solutions. By feeding your data into Turvo, you can enjoy google-like search capabilities, real-time insights, and interactions - all from a single view.

7. Alvys

Alvys is an all-in-one transportation management system (TMS) for trucking companies. This cloud-based software offers numerous integrations. Carriers, brokers, and hybrid operators can gain a comprehensive view of their trucking and logistics operations using this leading transportation management system. From freight quotes to truck driver payments, everything can be organized on one platform with a single login.

8. ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is designed to streamline your business operations and enhance your profitability through invoicing, IFTA reporting, and efficient dispatching. It is also renowned for its Load Board and multi-stakeholder capabilities.

9. LoadStop

LoadStop, a fully-integrated trucking management software, is trusted by some of the leading trucking companies. Its goal is to simplify trucking and alleviate stress. As a cloud-based TMS software powered by the latest technologies, it helps truckers streamline their core operations, manage their fleet and crew more efficiently, and increase profitability.

10. Ditat

Ditat helps logistics companies easily manage their business with cost-effective, user-friendly software that improves accountability and performance – while saving time & increasing revenue.

In the competitive landscape of transportation and logistics, choosing the right TMS is pivotal for success. Before making a decision, businesses should carefully evaluate their specific needs, considering factors such as scalability, integration capabilities, and industry focus.

Here is top 10 legacy TMS providers for large enterprises as well:

Keep in mind that their popularity and rankings might have evolved:

  • MercuryGate

  • Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

  • JDA Software (now Blue Yonder)

  • Descartes Systems Group

  • Manhattan Associates

  • McLeaod

  • TMW Systems (Trimble)

  • PCS Express

  • 9.E2Open

  • SAP

The top 10 next-gen TMS providers listed above have proven track records of empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of modern supply chain management, ensuring efficiency, visibility, and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.

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