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VIP Global Inc. , our customer success story

Ilhomjon Hasanov

Mar 17, 2023

VIP Global Inc. decreased manual work by 5 min per load

Before using Datatruck, VIP Global Inc. has been using more than 3 various Transportation Management Systems and on average they have been spending 10 min. Now, after installing the datatruck, manual work has been decreased by 5-6 min per load. Especially, AI powered TruckGPT is automatically entering rate agreements into the system in 5 seconds that has been taken 3-4 min previously.

"I enjoy the customization that Datatruck software has to offer. It can be complex at times, but we can drill it down to the functions that we need it to achieve. I recommend it to any trucking company as it integrates with most other companies that you use to do business with. I have been in the industry long enough to see just how great Datatruck software works for our company." says the owner of VIP Global Inc. Truck company owner, Ilhomjon Hasanov

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